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David, Congratulations on Completing G&G Challenge!


G&G congratulates David Connett on successfully completing the G&G challenge!


G&G supported David and his “crazy” idea, walking Scotland’s 154-kilometre West Highland Way to raise well-needed funds for others.


G&G is a premium global brand from Ninestar, delivering gold standard consumables and professional printing solutions to more than 200 million consumers in over 170 countries. G&G believes a brand should take social responsibility and initiative to benefit the society and community. All actions taken and products created by G&G are based on this vision.


G&G also discovered a fun fact about David, as an engineer the (polite) nickname for a group of engineers was “Penguins” who have true grit and courage, a precious trait we see in David, and something that inspired us here at G&G where the King Penguins are the G&G’s brand image ambassador.


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