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G&G's excellent quality is from mastering core technology, procuring the raw materials and components of excellent quality, cooperating with world Top 5 suppliers only, self-running chips and inks industry and completing the integration with the world-class component supplier SCC, plus the strict quality control following the international standard like ISO9001, STMC and so on. G&G consumables feature high consistence in printing performance and printouts; toner cartridges are more durable, giving out clearer printouts and better photographic fixing; while the inkjet cartridges have the advantages of smooth printing and fresh color printouts. All our products will not damage printers; in contrast, they offer excellent printing experience as good as OEM.

Five links of G&G quality control

Check raw material
RoHS-Ceritificate for Internationa Health Standards STMC- standardized testing procedures TUV-accurate detection of harmful element
Recheck Process
ISO9001:2008Quality Management System STMC Internation professional t
100%color. 4 cycles of standardized proofing
Simulated environment test
Environmental simulation laboratorg Printing in the analog system and six types of warm and humid
Test in transit
Whole simulation test during transport


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