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Joining Process


A preliminary understanding of G&G


Submitting application


Qualification review and market survey


Communications and further understanding


Latter-phase services supports


Making orders and distributing products


Issuing G&G authorization agent brand


Signing agency contract

Partner Benefits

G&G makes literally thousands of products, services and solutions that are available to your customers to help you focus on the most critical needs facing your business as you strive to reach your goals.

  • Marketing events support: professional marketing team supporting our partners on local events.
  • Sale tools and advertisement design support :effective sale tools and professional advertisement design from our team.
  • PROFESSIONAL TRAINING:G&G helps our partners to train their employees and retailers.
  • MEDIA REPORT AND ADVERTISEMENT:We invest in significant media programs throughout the world in support of all the
  • Exhibitions:G&G takes part in different exhibitions every year; also we will support our clients on local exhibitions of office products.

Joining Condition

  • Have a good understanding and recognition to the philosophy and sale model of G&G brand and its products; have confidence on G&G’s business and intention in long-term investment, as well as mutual development.
  • Experience in aftermarket industry is not compulsory (applicants with not enough experience are required to be able to build up and manage an operating team; key members: general manager and sales manager must have 2 years’ experience in the consumables industry). Not less than 5% fund of sales must be invested to the promotion in local market.
  • Professional marketing department must be established with experienced specialists
  • Market information and data along with sales status must share with us.


Questions or suggestions? We’d love to hear from you.

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